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A True Story of Murder, Madness & the News in Colonial Melbourne


It's 1850s Australia.

A double murder.

A locked room.

The murderer is dying from a gunshot.

But the reporter thinks the scene near impossible.


Indexes for the book: Three Rabbits Alibi


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Two indexes follow: one of names and one of places, pubs, papers, ships, etc.


Index of Names (Surname order)

William A'Beckett

William Adamson

George Annand

John Appleby

Sarah Appleby

William Armstrong

Sarah Ball

Dr. Edward Barker

Redmond Barry

Mr & Mrs Bawtree

D.S. & M. Benjamin

Detective Bevill

Mr Bloomfield

Joseph Bolster

Pierre Borhün

G.D. Boursiquot

Dr Robert Bowie

James Cahill


Dr. W.H. Campbell

Dr. Edward Casperson / Caspersonn

George Cavenagh

Rev. John Cheyne

Archibald Chisolm

Alfred Clint

Dean Coffey

Jeremiah Dalton

William Dashwood

Charles Davies

Isaac Davis

Peter Davis

William Dismoor

Patrick Dolan

Detective Dowden

Richard Dowling

Constable (later Sergeant) Ambrose Draper

Joseph Drayton

Benjamin Drury

Sir Charles Gavan Duffy

J. Dumaresque

David Duncan

George Emerson

Thomas Evans

Charles Farewell

Captain Charles Ferguson / Fergusson

Edmund Finn

Edmund "Neddy" (Garryowen) Finn

Jane Fisher

Felix Foster

William Garfield


Mrs Glascoe

Elizabeth Gouge

Robert Gouge

Mr & Mrs Gould

John Grant

Margaret Green / Greeniff

Isaac Groves

John Hanson

Jack Harris

John Howard Harrison

Detective Hartney

W. Hearne

Rev Irving Hetherington

John Hindmarsh

Mary Hindmarsh

John Hood

R.H. Horne

George Scott Hough

Dr. Hutchison

Elizabeth Inch

Josiah Inch

Tamsen Inch

Tamsen Trewin Jury Inch

Dr. George Imlay

William Jones

William Keel

William Kellett

Robert Key

Charles La Trobe

John Dunmore Lang

John Laurence

Sarah Lewis

Mr McCombie

Mr McCormack

Mr Macdonald

Charles Mackay

Donald McKay

Duncan McRae

Thomas Mason

Helen Miall / Myall / Miles

John Miall / Myall / Miles

Dr. Thomas Michell / Mitchell / Michele

James Mooney

Michael Mooney

Bernard Joseph Morris

Emily Victoria Moss

Frederick Moss

James Moysey


Thomas Norton

Mr O'Brien

Thomas Odels

Mr O'Neil

Henry O'Neill

John O'Shannassy

Samuel Parker

Mr Pearce / Pierce

George Whitefield Pinkerton

George Whitfield Pinkerton

Mark Pinkerton

Thomas Pinkerton

Rev. William Pinkerton

Biddy Quin / Quinn

Bridget Quin / Quinn

Samuel Ralph

Rev Andrew Murray Ramsay

John Ransom

Rev. John Reid / Read

Thomas Rickets

Thomas Roberts

William Rose

Andrew Russell, MLC

Simon Russell

Catherine Sheeran

Annie Smith

Bridget Smith

Charles Smith

Charles Hargraves Smith

Charles Hebden Smith

Charles Joseph Smith

Elizabeth Smith

Emily Victoria Smith

Henry Smith

James Smith

Mary Smith

Phillip Smith

Reuben Smith

Sarah Smith

Tamsen Smith

Tamsen Trewin Jury Smith

William Smith

George Smyth

S.M. South

William Foster Stawell

Francis Stephen

George Milner Stephen

John junior Stephen

Charles Stone

Robert Stubbs

Alfred Swaine Taylor

George Thomas

Mr. Turner

John Walshe

J.B. Watson

J.B. Were

Dr. Wigg

Edward Eyre Williams

Dr. W.B. Wilmot

George Wintle

Captain Wylie

Dr. Richard Youl

Henry Ziems

Julius Ziems


Index of Places, Pubs, Papers, Ships &c

Acadian (ship)

Argus (newspaper)

Arthur’s Seat

Beaumaris Run

Bell’s Life in Sydney and Sporting Reviewer


Big Drum Cavenagh

Bishop of Melbourne’s wife


Bourke Street, Melbourne

Break o' Day


Brighton Correspondent

Brighton Cricket Club

Brighton Hotel

Brunswick Street, Collingwood

Bull and Mouth Hotel, Melbourne

Canvas Town

Carlton, Melbourne


Cauvin's Hospital, Duddingston, near Edinburgh, Scotland

Cavendo Tutus

Champion (ship)

Cheltenham, Melbourne

Collingwood, Melbourne

Earl Grey scheme

Eclipse (omnibus)

Ferozepore (ship)


Forrest Creek / Castlemaine

Garfield Estate

Geelong Advertiser and Intelligencer

Great Western Port Road

Highland and Island Society

Hobson’s Bay

Irish Famine Orphans

Immigration Board of Inspection

Isle of Skye (ship)

Kangaroo Flat


Lady Kennaway (ship)

Leicester Street, Fitzroy

Little Brighton Inn

Little Collins Street, Melbourne

Lygon Street, Carlton

Market Street, Melbourne

Melbourne Benevolent Asylum

Melbourne Cricket Club

Melbourne Detective Force

Melbourne Manure Depot

Melbourne Morning Herald (newspaper)


Moysey’s Springs

Musselburgh, near Edinburgh, Scotland

Napier Improved steam printing press

Nepean Point

Pentonvillains / Pentonvillians

Port Phillip Bay

Port Phillip Herald

Prince Albert Hotel, Melbourne

Prince’s Bridge

Red Bluff

Shakspeare Hotel / Shakespeare Hotel

Smith Street, Collingwood

St Francis’ Cathedral

St James’ Cathedral

St Kilda

St Kilda Road

St Patrick’s Society

The Springs

Thomas Arbuthnot (ship)

Ticonderoga / Ticonderago (ship)

Tipperary, Ireland

Two Acre Village

Union Street, Brighton

Victorian Poultry Society

Western Market

Western Port Road

White Swan Hotel, Kangaroo Flat