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Henry GUNTER was, from 1853 to 1854, the second publican of the Brickmakersí Arms (later known as the Gasworks Hotel), Brompton, Adelaide, South Australia. He was also known as William Henry GUNTER. He was the one year filling in the long licence sandwich of founding publican Robert CARTER.


After his brief stint at the Brickmakersí Arms, Gunter journeyed but a few blocks to the Oddfellows' Arms, Tenth Street (on the north side between Gibson and Gilbert Streets) Bowden, where he was publican from 1854 to 1862.


Gunter arrived in Adelaide in 1846 with his wife and three children.


I am researching Henry Gunter and the other early publicans for a fully expanded and rewiten 2016 edition of Deaths at Josephine's Gasworks Hotel. Please contact me if you are also researching this family. An incomplete and unconfirmed record of the family group follows. So please don't take it on trust!


Henry GUNTER, b.c. 1819, d. 1878 Gladstone.

+ Sarah MORTIMER, b.c. 1814, d. 1894 Adelaide.

|-- Thomas GUNTER, b. 1841 Tockenham WILTS ENG, d.?

|   + ?

|-- Mary Ann GUNTER, b.c. 1843

|   + Benjamin WAINWRIGHT, m. 1888 Gladstone

|-- 3? GUNTER

|-- Henry GUNTER, b. 1847 Adelaide, d.?

|   + Martha HENEKER, m. 1872 Blinman

|-- Anna GUNTER / Hannah GUNTER, b. 1850 Kapunda

|   + William COOK, m. 1881 Gladstone

|-- Sarah GUNTER, b. 1853 Brompton

|   + William JACKA, m. 1870 Auburn

|-- Ruth GUNTER, 1855-56 Bowden.

\-- Ruth GUNTER, 1858-59 Bowden.


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