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Robert CARTER was the long serving first publican of the Brickmakers’ Arms (later known as the Gasworks Hotel), Brompton, Adelaide, South Australia. He had built and owned the hotel and was granted its first licence on 13 March 1851. Before this he had been a publican in Nelson, New Zealand and at Windmill Inn, Gepps Cross. In 1847 he was refused a licence for the Walker's Arms, Walkerville, after a complaint that he “was making a trade by opening licensed houses, and selling them again, without respect to the comfort or accommodation of the inhabitants”.


I am researching the colourful Robert CARTER and the other early publicans for a fully expanded and rewritten 2016 edition of Deaths at Josephine's Gasworks Hotel. Please contact me if you are also researching this family, especially if you have any BDM certificates. Certificates already sighted are noted with * below. An incomplete and unconfirmed record of this complex family group follows. So please don't take it on trust!


What finally forced the wheels of his cart was the small matter of a bucket. Oh, that and a few illegalities. Much more will be revealed of his story in the forthcoming 2016 rewrite of Deaths at Josephine’s Gasworks Hotel.


Special thanks to Christopher Knott for additional research.


Note: On 17 Feb 1860 in Thebarton, Georgenia WELCH (21) married a Robert CARTER (31) whose father was an Andrew CARTER. (Source Digger index)


Robert CARTER, b.c. 1811-12, father: William CARTER, d*. 3 Sep 1881 Nelson NZ

+ Lucy SAYER, b. circa 1809, m. 1841 Romford, Essex, ENG, d. 7 Jan 1857 Bowden

|-- Robert CARTER, b.c. 1839-40 ENG, d.1916 Moonta

|   + ? Gwenney GRIFFITHS, m. 1865 Moonta Mines, d. 1892 ...

|-- Emma CARTER, b. 1840 Romford ESS, d. 1841 At Sea. No issue.

|-- William CARTER, b. 1842/43 NZ (reg Q1 1843 Romford ESS)

|   + Hannah Mary FARR, m. 1864 Adelaide ...

|-- ? CARTER, b. 1843-45 NZ

\-- Thomas CARTER, b. 1847 North Rd

|   + Annie BROWN, m. 1874 Sliding Rock

+ Margaret O'HALLORAN, b.c. 1834 Limerick, IRL, m. 1860 Adelaide, d. 1914 Torrensville

|-- Elizabeth CARTER, b. 1858 Brompton

|-- Sarah CARTER, b. 1859 Bowden

|   + Harry ARTHUR, m. 1879 Woodville ...

|-- Ann CARTER, b. 1862 Brompton, d. 1863. No issue.

|-- Hannah CARTER, b. 1867 Brompton

|   + George Mapstone RIMES, m. 1888 Bowden ...

|-- Henry CARTER, b. 1869 Bowden

\-- Edward CARTER, b. 1872 Bowden

+ Mary BRIGHT, m*. 1860 Nelson NZ, d. 1901 Nelson NZ. No known issue.

+ unknown?

\-- Eliza(beth) CARTER, b. 10 May 1864 Brompton (mother not recorded in index), d. 1950 SA

     + William THULBORN, m. 26 Dec 1881 North Adelaide ...


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