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William THOMAS only briefly held the licence for the New Gasworks Hotel, Brompton, Adelaide, South Australia. He took over from the seriously ailing Thomas COOMBE, but predeceased Coombe just eight months later and the licence passed to his wife, Eliza THOMAS, who held it a further eighteen months. William Thomas’ was one of four unusual Deaths at Josephine’s Gasworks Hotel.


Eliza was born Eliza BALL and was previously married to Samuel CARTER – no known relation to Robert CARTER, this hotel’s founding publican. Eliza and Samuel CARTER migrated to Adelaide in 1852, but Samuel died the following year, aged just 29, after drinking at the Hilton Hotel, where a William THOMAS was barman. Was he the William THOMAS who Eliza would soon marry?


Eliza remarried in 1856 to William THOMAS and outlived him by decades. After her time as publican, Eliza THOMAS continued to live in Brompton – East Street and Chief Street – until her death in 1904.


I am researching Eliza THOMAS (formerly Eliza CARTER née Eliza BALL), William THOMAS and the other early publicans for a fully expanded and rewritten 2016 edition of Deaths at Josephine's Gasworks Hotel. I am especially interested in the origins of Samuel CARTER and William THOMAS. An unconfirmed record of the extended family group follows. So please don't take it on trust! Please contact me if you are also researching them; I would be keen to hear from you.


Eliza BALL, b.c. 1829 Dorset, d. 6 Mar 1904 Chief St, Brompton

+ Samuel CARTER, b.c. 1824 Somerset, m. 1849 Wincanton Somerset ENG, d. 17 Oct 1853 Hilton

\-- John CARTER, b. 1850 Wincanton Somerset ENG, d.?

|   + Frances Mary KILLINGBECK , m. 1873 Walkerville  ...

+ William THOMAS, b.c. 1824, m. 1856 Sturt, Adelaide, d. 9 Feb 1870 Gasworks Hotel, Brompton

|-- Jessie THOMAS, b. 1856 Pewsey Vale, d. 1882 Brompton, No issue.

|-- son THOMAS, b. 1858 Pewsey Vale. Issue?

|-- Eliza Bessie THOMAS, b. 1862 Pewsey Vale, d. ?

|   + Frederick George BARTLETT, m. 1888, d.1901

|-- Charles Llewellyn THOMAS, b. 1863 Pewsey Vale, d. 1881 West St, Brompton. No issue?

\-- Robert THOMAS, b. 1865 Mount Pleasant, d. ?


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