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Gasworks Hotel

Chief-street, Brompton

Elisha Rundle & Josephine M. B. Rundle


Licensed Dealers in Wines and Spirits

Licensed Dealers in Colonial Wines


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About the Gasworks Hotel




§ Local Ale, Colonial Wine & Brandy, &c.

§ Imported Spirits

§ Tap Room

§ Billiards, Skittles

§ Kitchen all Hours

§ Gaslight all Hours, 600 yds to Bowden Train

§ Meetings, Auctions & Functions

§ Corpses received

§ Accommodation :— Two Rooms

§ Good Stabling and Yard

§ Christmas Annual Sports :— Three Days includes Foot Races, Skittles, & Old English Sports


Beer —  nobbler — 2˝d.

Brandy — nobbler — 4d.

Bottle of Porter — 1s. 2d.

Accommodation — per night — 5s.  

A Pub Review 1863

The New Gasworks Hotel, Chief-street, Brompton, 1863


Saddle up your time machine for a visit to 1863. This pub, formerly known as the Brickmakers' Arms, struggled financially in the last few years. But with the recent opening of the South Australian Gas Works, publican Robert Ingham saw opportunity, renamed this pub and hopes to see it on the up. He has decades of pub experience and was formerly a brewer in The Burra. He will continue the tradition of the hotel's Christmas Sports Day, with prize money for foot races, skittles and quoits again in 1863.


Dishes Eaten

Pint: Irish stew

Pony: Cornish pastie


Food: workers' fare, rating: 1863

Beverage range: ale, beer, porter, colonial wine & brandy, small range of whiskies, rating: 1863

Price: tuppence ha'p'ny a nobbler of beer, rating: 1863

Service: publican's wife Josephine is a looker with a temper, rating: not game to rate.


Overall comment: Everything about it is so 1863. But just the place after a hard day at the brick kiln, tannery, rope works, soap works or gas works. There is an Adelaide murder mystery here - have a peek at


Overall rating: 1863.


With a nod to “Adelaide Pub Reviews”. 


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