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Significant Characters

A list in surname order of the significant characters in the e-book, Deaths at Josephine’s Gasworks Hotel.


Jenny Allen

Marsson’s one-time housekeeper. Trial witness. Wife of Mark McAllen, tanner, Bowden.

Paul Bonnin

John Downer’s legal clerk.

Eliza Ball

See Eliza Thomas.

Charlotte Bray

Daughter of Josiah Marsson and wife of Henry Basil Bray.

Mrs (Mary) Jane Brown

Defendant in 1867 slander case against Josephine. Wife of Stephen Brown, brickmaker, Chief Street resident.

Eliza Carter

See Eliza Thomas.

Samuel Carter

First husband of Eliza Thomas, inquest into 1853 death.

Mary Ann Church

Brompton resident and trial witness.

Emma Clark

Chief Street, Brompton resident and trial witness.

Josephine Coombe

See Josephine Rundle.

Richard Coombe

Brother of Thomas Coombe, Gibson Street, Bowden.

Samuel Coombe

Brother of Thomas Coombe, East Street, Brompton, district constable, member of Hindmarsh Council. One of the founders of the Bowden Methodist Church. Not one to go to the hotel.

Thomas Coombe

Josephine’s second husband and licensee of New Gasworks Hotel.

Dr. Thomas Wilson Corbin

Performed post-mortem on Josiah Marsson.

Sir John William Downer

Lawyer. Represented Rundles at 1874 inquest and under Samuel Way Q.C. at trial. Later Premier of South Australia and Senator in the Australian Parliament.

Dr. John Forster, J.P.

Medical practitioner in Hindmarsh area and coroner for Josiah Marsson’s inquest.

Josephine Guilfoyle

See Josephine Rundle.

Bessie Ingham

Josephine’s eldest daughter.

Josephine Ingham

See Josephine Rundle.

Robert Laundy Ingham

Josephine’s first husband and licensee of Brickmakers’ Arms.

James Knight

Wheelwright, carpenter and undertaker, East Street, Brompton. Brother of Samuel Coombe’s wife and Richard Coombe’s late wife.

Dr. William Lane

Medical practitioner, Chairman of Hindmarsh Council

Jane Lowe

Nursed Josiah Marsson just before his death. Occasional employee of Josephine.

Elizabeth Marsson

Wife of Josiah Marsson, Chief Street, Brompton resident, died 1872.

Frank Marsson

Son of Josiah Marsson. Grocer, Gawler.

Josiah Marsson

Legal clerk, Chief Street, Brompton resident. Suspicious death as boarder at Gasworks Hotel in 1874.

Josiah Marsson, junior

Son of Josiah Marsson.

Jane McAllan

See Jenny Allen.

Dr. Andrew McIntyre

Medical practitioner in Hindmarsh area. Attended Josiah Marsson.

William John Peterswald

Police Inspector, conducted Marsson case. Later South Australian Commissioner of Police.

Elisha Rundle

Josephine’s third husband and licensee of Gasworks Hotel.

John Robins Rundle

Father of Elisha Rundle, Gibson Street, Bowden, butcher and Hindmarsh councillor. One of the founders of the Bowden Methodist Church.

Josephine Rundle

Main character of the story. Publican of the Gasworks Hotel, 1863 to 1874.

Mary Rundle

Mother of Elisha Rundle and husband of John Robins Rundle.

Catherine (Kate) Ryles

Controversial trial witness.

Daniel Thomas

Police constable stationed at Hindmarsh. Trial witness.

Eliza Thomas

Licensee of Gasworks Hotel after the death of her husband William Thomas.

William Thomas

Licensee of New Gasworks Hotel during Thomas Coombe’s illness. Second husband of Eliza Thomas.

Sir Samuel James Way

Q.C. who, with John Downer, represented Rundles at Marsson trial. Later Chief Justice and Lieutenant-Governor of South Australia. His father, Rev James Way, was minister at the Bowden Methodist Church and close friend of Coombe and Rundle.

Jesse Wheatley

Carpenter and undertaker, Chief Street, Brompton.

Dr. Horatio Thomas Whittell

Doctor called by Charlotte Bray to visit Marsson. Later City Coroner.

Dr. William Wyatt

Local chemist and trial witness, Port Road, Hindmarsh. Chairman of Hindmarsh Council.


People, Places, Pubs and Papers

Minor characters in “Deaths at Josephine’s Gasworks Hotel”:

People (Surname order)

Andrews & Bonnin, Josiah Marsson's solicitors

Eliza Ball - see main character, Eliza Thomas

Eliza Beard

Detective Burchell

Eliza Carter - see main character, Eliza Thomas

Robert Carter, publican

Samuel Carter

Elizabeth Collins, mother of Joseph Collins

Joseph Collins

Reuben Collins, father of Joseph Collins

Charles Cleve Collison

Alice Coombe, Elisha Rundle's sister

William Coussins, inquest into 1880 death

(Alexander) George Downer, legal firm G. & J. Downer

Peter Pomeroy Dungey

Henry Ellis

Isabella Grainger

Frances Emily Guilfoyle

John Guilfoyle

Frances Emily Gunning

Doctor Hawkins

August Honig, inquest into 1866 death

Charles Cameron Kingston

John Matters

John Moore

John Odlum

Matthew Pelham, butcher, Bowden

Andrew James Pollock, inquest into 1864 death

Doctor Rees

Frederic Spicer

Randolph Isham Stow, Q.C. defending Marssons

Alfred Swaine Taylor, author of book "Medical Jurisprudence"

Andrew Thomas, analytical chemist

Leonard Mortimer Trimmer

Bessie Trimmer, nee Ingham, Josephine's daughter

Edmund Isaac Stevens Trimmer

William Alfred Wearing, judge

William Whichello

Elizabeth Woolcock

Thomas Woolcock

Doctor Robert Tracey Wylde


Aberdeen, Burra, South Australia

Adelaide, South Australia

Alberton, South Australia

Balhannah, South Australia

Bendigo, Victoria

Bowden, South Australia

Brompton, South Australia

Burra, South Australia

Chief Street, Brompton, South Australia

Destitute Asylum, Adelaide, South Australia

Dry Creek, South Australia - Marsson farm

Hallett, South Australia

Hindmarsh Cemetery, District and Council, South Australia

Josephine Cottage, Adelaide, South Australia

Kadina, South Australia

Lewannick, Cornwall

Liverpool, England

Magill, South Australia

Manton Street, Hindmarsh, South Australia

Melbourne, Victoria

New Zealand

Old Folks Home, Magill, South Australia

Prospect Village, South Australia - Marsson property left to Rundle

Teetulpa, South Australia - gold fields

Thebarton, South Australia

Tullamore, King's County, Ireland - Guilfoyle origins

Wallaroo Mines, South Australia

West Street, Brompton, South Australia


Aberdeen Hotel, Aberdeen, Burra, South Australia

Black Swan Hotel, Bendigo, Victoria

Bon Accord Hotel, Aberdeen, Burra, South Australia

Brickmakers' Arms, Brompton, South Australia (later Gasworks Hotel)

Epsom Hotel, Bendigo, Victoria

Golden Cross Inn, Balhannah, South Australia

Hilton Hotel, Hilton, South Australia

Joiners' Arms, Hindmarsh, South Australia

Land of Promise Hotel, Hindmarsh, South Australia

Royal Exchange Hotel, Aberdeen, Burra, South Australia

Royal Oak Hotel, O'Connell Street, North Adelaide, South Australia

Tanners' Arms, Bowden, South Australia


Barrier Miner (Broken Hill, NSW)

Bendigo Advertiser (Bendigo, Victoria)

Border Watch (Mount Gambier, South Australia)

Burra Record (Burra, South Australia)

Chronicle (Adelaide, South Australia)

Northern Argus (Clare, South Australia)

South Australian Advertiser (Adelaide, South Australia)

South Australian Register (Adelaide, South Australia) 


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