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Elisha Rundle & Josephine M. B. Rundle


Licensed Dealers in Wines and Spirits

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Welcome to the Gasworks Hotel in 1851 to 1874. From 1863 to 1874 they were Josephine’s years.


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David Coombe

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My Thoughts on Second Edition. Posted 2013-08-24 09:53


Last night I released the Second Edition. New title, extra narrative, some new material. It is no longer "Was the Publican a Serial Killer?", but "Deaths at Josephine's Gasworks Hotel". I feel more comfortable with that and maybe potential readers will also.


Ed 2 has a new chapter on the odd death of Josephine's stepmother the day (!) before sailing to Australia from Liverpool. Ed 2 also uses helpful feedback from a retired doctor.


Perhaps most of all, Ed 2 has more narrative and draws out the characters better. The more I have become involved in this story, the better I felt have been able to tell it.


Not everything is Josephine. I am researching another, possibly hitherto untold drama. More death and money in Victorian era South Australia. I'll see how that pans out.


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