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William Wyatt, chemist, 1870 advertisement.Bowden, Brompton and Hindmarsh


Who’s who in Bowden, Brompton and Hindmarsh? I have come across some of the early residents of the district:


  • Deaths at Josephine’s Gasworks Hotel: my e-book investigation into suspicious deaths at this Brompton hotel. You will find the Gasworks Hotel stuck mostly in 1851-74 – you can read about its early publicans. You can also read a little about the characters in the e-book.
  • You can also read about the odd case of Man Sells Wife at the Land of Promise Hotel, Hindmarsh in 1847 – it is not all that it seems.
  • Read about the Brompton ropemaking business of Tamlin and Coombe by following links from James Coombe, Ropemaker.
  • Follow me on twitter @GasworksHotel for occasional snippets of the goings on in the district, city, South Australia, other colonies and the world – usually from the newspapers of 150 years ago.
  • Follow these links for more on early residents: Samuel Coombe, Richard Coombe and Thomas Coombe and families, John Robins Rundle and Family, including Elisha Rundle and Edward Hamence.
  • Kym has headstone photos from Hindmarsh Cemetery. Not all burials are listed there as some graves no longer have in situ headstones. There is a burials book available on microfilm at many family history libraries and after finding the plot number there, I can help you locate a grave site using a copy of an old cemetery plot map provided by the library of the City of Charles Sturt.


I commend these other writings to your attention:


Deaths at Josephine’s Gasworks Hotel

A Victorian Investigation


Immerse yourself in Victorian intrigue and the world of publican Josephine. A story never before told. A suspicious death, a coroner’s inquest, a Supreme Court verdict of fraud and a family cut out of a last minute will. Did Josephine kill him and another three men? Climb aboard the investigative journey. Includes a readers’ guide for book groups.


The author brings together, for the first time, the case that Josephine may have murdered four men at her Victorian era Gasworks Hotel – two of them husbands.


This is a story highly evocative of the times – the language; the social norms. It is mostly a story about ordinary people, although some of the characters rose to great heights in South Australia as premier, police commissioner and city coroner. The conclusion, however, is anything but ordinary.


This is the true story of Josephine. From 1863 to 1874 she was the publican at the Gasworks Hotel in Brompton, an inner suburb of Adelaide, South Australia. Was she also a serial killer?


Click here to jump to how to sample or buy or continue reading about the book.


Gasworks Hotel, Brompton and Josephine Rundle


I am searching for a possible photograph of the Gasworks Hotel, Brompton, Adelaide, South Australia and its publicans in the 1860s or 1870s.  The hotel, in Chief Street, is now known as the Gaslight Tavern and was originally called the Brickmakers’ Arms. The period of my main interest for the Gasworks Hotel is 1863 to 1874, during which time the following people were licensees:

 * Robert Laundy Ingham

 * Josephine Ingham

 * Thomas Coombe

 * William Thomas

 * Eliza Thomas

 * Josephine Coombe

 * Elisha Rundle


This period and all of these publicans are the subjects of my book Deaths at Josephine’s Gasworks Hotel.


I am especially interested in a photograph of Josephine Rundle (also know by her previous married names of Ingham and Coombe). Checks of major and regional libraries and museums have uncovered none. Josephine Rundle was also publican at the Golden Cross Inn Balhannah 1877 to 1880 and in two hotels in Aberdeen, Burra, 1880 to 1883.


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