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Family History & Genealogy

Mostly Coombe - Coombe of Cornwall - Altarnun


It is interesting that most of the Coombe residents in Altarnun in 1841 migrated to South Australia.


17th and 18th Centuries


William Coumbe (1698-1762) and Margery Draper (1704-1759) of Altarnun and Lewannick were ancestors of both the Orleana 1842 Tasmania and the Princess Royal 1847 South Australia migrants.

William’s parents were Philip COUMBE and Elizabeth PEARCE, who married 18 Dec 1699 Altarnun (register excerpt below).


















Who’s Who in 1841


Below are the Coombe residents at the 1841 census and what is known of them subsequently.


Census: Place, Name, Age


Trezebbet, William Coombe,11

1842 Tasmania Orleana

Trethin, Mary Coombe,40


Oldhay, Mary Coombe,16

Dau of James at Trenilk (below) but further events otherwise unknown.

Trebant, James Coombe,14

1847 Princess Royal

Trenilk, James Coombe,50,Tin Streamer and family: Elizabeth Coombe,40, William Coombe,15, John Coombe,10, Eliza Coombe,8, Maria Coombe,6, Emma Coombe,4, Ann Coombe,5m.

1847 Princess Royal
James’ father Richard is in the next dwelling with his second wife and family.

Trenilk, Richard Coombe, 75, Pauper
   wife Ann Coumbe married 1828 Altarnun, and children (see right) all baptised Altarnun.

Richard (1765-1848, Workhouse)
Ann: b.c. 1808-9, 1851 census pauper
Jane (b. 1829), Mary Ann (1832-1847, Workhouse), Elizabeth (b. 1835), Eliza (1837-1843, Workhouse), John (b. 1840). Note: son James by first marriage is in the previous dwelling above.

Five Lanes, William Coombe, wife Elizabeth, sons baptized Altarnun: William (1830) and Thomas (1832).

Wm married Elizabeth Comer 1823 Altarnun and had other children Elizabeth 1824-35, Mary 1826-29. Elizabeth came from Lewannick, William from Altarnun.
1851 census, tin miners, Penpont, Altarnun.
1861: parents Altarnun; Thomas (and Jane), copper miner, Altarnun.

Trebet, John Coombe, wife Ann, 40, children Grace 15, John 15, George 13, Thomas 9, Richard 5 and Joseph 1.

1842 Tasmania Orleana

Derres: John Combe, 75



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