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Group of 19th century Coumbe headstones (numbered 1 to 4 in accompanying text) in North Hill Church cemetery.The North Hill church cemetery has five Coumbe headstones, the inscriptions of which are recorded below.  The first four are in a group (with inscriptions from left to right as per the photo) and represent deaths between 1808 and 1864.  The fifth is a shared grave from 1944-45.


All the persons memorialised have common ancestors in Henry and Margery Coumbe (nee Northey) Ė see that page for family chart. You can use the number for each headstone below to find the descendants in that family chart.  Contact me if you would like a better quality image of a individual headstones.


Is your ancestor mentioned here? Is there anything you can add to help build the family history - a letter, a photo?


1. Leftmost stone: George Coumbe 1820-45, son of Edward the cooper / innkeeper of headstone 4


Underneath rest the mortal remains of George Coumbe, son of Edward and Jane Coumbe of this parish who died Jan 11th, 1845; aged 25 years.


Twas pale consumption gave the fatal blow,

And bade the stream of hope no longer flow,

No power could wrest the might hand of death

Nor longer stay my fast expiring breath;

E'en I had sunk in anguish and despair

But the good Shepherd made my soul his care.


2. Second from Left: James Coumbe 1810-51 the cooper, son of Edward the cooper / innkeeper of headstone 4


Sacred to the Memory of James Coumbe of this village who died the 9th of July 1851 aged 41 years. Also Ann, the daughter of James and Jane Coumbe who died the 7th of March 1845 aged 5 years.


We cannot tell who next may fall

Beneath thy chastening rod

Some may be first but teach us all

To wait thy time O God.


T. Coumbe (masonís name)


3. Third from Left: Edward the stone mason


Sacred to the memory of Edward Coumbe of Trebartha Village who died April 17th, 1864 aged 83 years.  Also Mary his wife who died Sep'r 21st 1858 aged 80 years.  Also Elizabeth their daughter who died July 24th 1848 aged 39 years.  Thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.


4. Fourth from Left: Edward the cooper and innkeeper


Here lies the body of Edward Coumbe of this parish who died the 2nd day of Dec 1830 aged 76 years.  Also Ann Sheer Coumbe the daughter of the said Edward and Jane Coumbe who died the 22nd day of July 1808 aged 6 months and 3 weeks.


With patience to the last he did submit,

And murmured not at what the Lord think

He with a christian courage did resign

To God at the appointed time.

His children dears Just at his last

He called unto his side:

Give kind instructions blest him all:

And with content he died.

Grieve not for me my loving wife;

Whom I have left behind:

But still pursue that narrow path:

And you shall glory find.

Reader prepair for in such an Hour

thou knowest not when the Son of Man cometh.


Thomas and Edith Coumbe grave, photo by permission Simon Smith.5. Separate Grave: Thomas and Edith Coumbe


In loving memory of


dearly loved wife of


Died Nov 2, 1944, aged 70 years

and of her husband


Died Jan 25, 1945, aged 73 years.

Always remembered by their loving children

They will be ... (words are indistinct)


Note 1: Thomas Coumbe, a gardener, and Edith Sleep married in North Hill in 1896.  In 1901 Thomas was a "coachman groom" in Mary Tavy, Devon.  Two children are known: Sydney Thomas Coumbe born 1897 and Mirram Coumbe born 1898/9.  (In the 1901 Devon census the family was actually recorded as Coombe: Thomas Coombe, Edith Coombe, Sydney Coombe and Mirram Coombe.)

Note 2: Thomas was born in 1872 in Trebartha Mill Cottage, the son of James Coumbe (mason, b. 1837, North Hill Village) and Jane Pomeroy.  (James was the son of Thomas Coumbe (mason, b. 1815/16) and Susanna Coad.)


6. Susan COUMBE (nee COAD)  c. 1813-1843


Susan, wife of Thomas COUMBE, eldest daughter of John and Rebecca COAD, of this parish, died 1843 Nov. 3, aged 30 years.

Also, Elizabeth Ann, daughter of Thomas and Susan COUMBE, died 1840 Oct. 11, aged 1 yr. 7 mos.


Note: Susanís husband Thomas was the son of Edward COUMBE, mason, 1780-1864 (see headstone 3 above). I do not have a photo for this grave.


7. Edmund COUMBE, carpenter, 1811-1880 and wife Ann COUMBE


Note: Edmund was son of Edward COUMBE, innkeeper, 1754-1830 (see headstone 4 above) and Jane MARTIN. Also in this grave is his wife Ann SMITH, c. 1812-1861. I do not have a photo for this grave.




The author - David Coombe - is the great-great-great-great-grandson of Edward Coumbe (mason of Trebartha Village, born 1780, headstone 3) and Mary Philp.


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