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Trebartha Mill CottagesAn interesting history of the Trebartha estate, including the area of North Hill parish is found in the book: "Trebartha. The House by the Stream", by Bryan Latham, published 1971 by Hutchinson & Co, London. Copies are available in the Launceston public library, as well as in the National Library of Australia.


The book is a wonderful and detailed history as well as giving a great feel for life in the area.


The coombes and banks


"There are at least half a dozen badger holts on Trebartha, which are known, and probably others that are not identified. In several places the coombes and banks are literally honeycombed and the holts could well be centuries old, with tunnels right into the hillside. In one case a farmer tried to flood the animals out by diverting a stream into the holt, but no one ever saw a drowned badger. These animals live on a very mixed diet, partly vegetable, and they are also great scavengers of dead animals and birds. They do very little harm to the farming community, a family of young badgers playing in the moonlight is a very pretty sight. Badger digging is not permitted on Trebartha." (page 87)


John Coombe's cottage by Treveniel


Colonel Francis Rodd's diary of 1810 notes: "Mar. 9th Chapple made a little sketch for Coombe's Cottage by Treveniel" and "Walked to Treveniel to give instructions about the Mow Hay at John Coomb's house." (pages 64-5). This John Coumbe seems to be the one born about 1773, known as "John Coumbe the younger", who was a carpenter at Treveniel. Some family history notes follow:


JOHN COUMBE was born circa 1773. A bachelor carpenter in North Hill (NH), he married Elizabeth Budge on 2 Jul 1799. At the 1841 census he was a farmer at Symons in North Hill. He died at Addicroft and was buried on 29 Aug 1844 in North Hill. Children of John Coumbe and Elizabeth Budge all born at Treveniel, North Hill (NH) were as follows:

i. MARY; baptised 24 Nov 1799; buried 9 Dec 1800 at NH.

ii. MARY ANN; baptised 7 Mar 1802; married William DONEY 17 Jan 1826 NH; (left parish?)

iii. RICHARD; born 3 Feb 1805; farmer with brother James at Symons, Addicroft, East Lawn; d.1878 NH

iv. ISAAC; baptised 6 Jun 1808.

v. JAMES; baptised 20 Oct 1811; farmer with brother Richard at Symons, Addicroft, East Lawn; d.1878 NH.

vi. EDMUND; baptised 25 Mar 1815; buried 12 Mar 1816; from Treveniel, NH

vii. EDMUND; baptised 4 May 1817; buried 10 Nov 1839; from Addacroft, NH.


The Mill Cottages - once home to James Coumbe


The Mill Cottages date from "about 1750 when they were built to house the workers at Squire Luskey's mill down below them by the river." (page 161) Luskey's "initials with date are on the walls of the granary: W.L. 1778 which still stands at the bottom of Mill Lane. For Squire Luskey owned a Mill, cottages and a Mill House. The Mill and Mill House stood in the bend of the River Lynher, but they are gone. However Mill Lane and Mill Cottages still survive as a memorial to his enterprise." (page 132) Note, the initials are still visible on the granary, now used as a garage, opposite the Mill Cottages.


See English Heritage for details on the Mill Cottages and the granary.


The Coumbe family of masons lived at Trebartha from at least 1804 (Edward, born 1780). Edward's grandson, James (born 1837) and his family lived in Trebartha Mill Cottage from at least 1860 to 1878.


John Coombe, 1762


Another Rodd diary entry has "Accounts of What Notes I have given for money deposited in my Hands by the Militia Men: 14 March to John Coombe pd 12" with Latham adding "presumably these sums were bounty money".