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I am an independent and unfunded researcher. In the last few years I’ve been studying the colonial artist S.T. Gill – specifically his early South Australian years (c. 1840 – 1851). I have made significant discoveries and intend to publish in due course. Along the way, I also make tangential finds and you can read about some of them here:–





2019-04-04 George Barron Goodman: Revealing the True Identity of Australia’s First Professional Photographer

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2019-01-22 Faking It: Sturt’s Overland Expedition leaving Adelaide, 10th August 1844

Painting attributed to Colonial Artist S.T. Gill is a Likely Forgery 

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2018-05-11 Identifying one of South Australia’s Earliest Paintings | Bank of South Australia

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2018-04-19 A Governor’s Expedition, a Journal, a Map and Angas’s Sketches, 1844

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