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I am an independent and unfunded researcher. In the last few years I’ve been studying the colonial artist S.T. Gill – specifically his early South Australian years (c. 1840 – 1851). I have made significant discoveries and intend to publish in due course. Along the way, I also make tangential finds and you can read about some of them here:–




2019-09-15 Where are the Kaurna? William Light’s 1837 view near the site for Adelaide

Aboriginal people have been left out of the recent “garage find” said to be an early painting by Colonel William Light. Could the find be a late copy?

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2019-04-04 George Barron Goodman: Revealing the True Identity of Australia’s First Professional Photographer

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2019-01-22 Faking It: Sturt’s Overland Expedition leaving Adelaide, 10th August 1844

Painting attributed to Colonial Artist S.T. Gill is a Likely Forgery 

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2018-05-11 Identifying one of South Australia’s Earliest Paintings | Bank of South Australia

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2018-04-19 A Governor’s Expedition, a Journal, a Map and Angas’s Sketches, 1844

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