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Mostly Coombe Ė Migrants - Ann Coumbe and Jacob Bowden, 1838


Jacob Bowden, wife Ann Bowden (nee Coumbe) and daughter Lydia, with son Ed born aboard, migrated to South Australia on the Royal Admiral, arriving 18 Jan 1838. Their son, James Coumbe Bowden, followed later on the Lloyds in 1838, coincidentally with Ephraim Coombe. Ann was the sister of James Coumbe, the author's major migrant of interest. Their common ancestry is documented in Henry Coumbe, Margery Northey and 3 generations. Ann and Jacob were married at North Hill, Cornwall in 1833, just 6 weeks before her slightly older brother James.


Jacob and family migrated with the family of Jacobís brother John and further background on them can be found at State Library SAís A Typical Journey from England to Australia (new window).  The address on Jacobís emigration application is Five Lanes in the parish of Altarnun, Cornwall.


Jacob Bowden was a noted herbalist in Gilles Street, Adelaide. He consigned home 22 oz. of gold, worth £78/2/-, in the first gold escort direct from Mount Alexander in March 1852. His brother-in-law had just 3oz.


More on this family can be found on Joan Grayís Bowden website (click link and search for Coumbe). The tree below could be refined in conjunction with this Bowden one.


The family is listed below. Places are Adelaide, South Australia unless stated otherwise. The following abbreviations are used: ? = uncertain, NI = no issue, ... indicates known descendants, NH - North Hill, CON = Cornwall, SA = South Australia, VIC = Victoria, NZ = New Zealand.


Ann COOMBE, b. 1813 NH, marr. 1833 NH, d. 1861

 + Jacob BOWDEN, b. 1 Apr 1809 Linkinhorne CON, d. 1888 Obituary, Death Notice

├── Lydia BOWDEN, b. 30 Dec 1833 CON ???, d. 1918, m. Henry CROSS 1853, issue?

├── James Coumbe BOWDEN, b. c. 1835 CON???, m. Emily COOP 1873, d. 1908 Otago NZ, ... 

├── Edward Coumbe BOWDEN, b. Dec 1837 aboard Royal Admiral, m. Rebecca THOMAS, d. 1923 ...

├── Mary Ann BOWDEN, b. 1840, d. 1927, m. William Edward WEEDEN 1865, issue?

├── Thomas BOWDEN, b. 1843?, m. Rebecca HART, d. 1876, issue?

├── Elizabeth BOWDEN, b. 1844, d. 1887, m. Dudley MATHEWS 1865, m. Alexander Frederick DUNCAN 1876, issue?

├── Jacob BOWDEN, b. 1846, d. 1913, m. Elizabeth KNEALE 1873, issue?

├── Jane BOWDEN, b. 1848, d. 1940, m. William Thomas PARKER, issue?

├── William BOWDEN, 1850-51. NI.

├── John BOWDEN, 1852-54. NI.

├── Grace BOWDEN, 1854-55. NI.

├── Graceís twin sister BOWDEN, 1854-54, NI.

├── Richard BOWDEN, 1856-58. NI.

└── Samuel BOWDEN, 1858-60. NI.


Jacob BOWDEN married Elizabeth MUSSON (1820/21-1882) after the death of his first wife. The State Library of South Australia has photographs around 1869 of Jacob BOWDEN and Mrs BOWDEN. Perhaps they were taken on the occasion of this 1863 marriage or Jacobís 60th birthday.


Jacob BOWDEN married Keturah BLISS (c.1825-1907) after the death of his second wfie.


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