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Who were the Coombe / Coumbe &c., who founded their lines – or foundered their lines, in some cases – in Australia? These are some that migrated to Australia in the earlier 19th century. (Most are to South Australia, as a result of my personal interest.)


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1791: Anna Josepha Coombe, the wife of the third Governor of NSW, Philip Gidley KING.


1815, Sydney, Indefatigable, John Coombe, 46, came free on Indefatigable 1815, protestant, tailor, residing Newcastle NSW. Also Ann Coombe, 19, born in colony, servant to Joseph Jack, 14 Pitt Street, Sydney. Also Elizabeth Coombe, 12, born in colony. Source: NSW 1828 census


Various dates: family of Lieutenant Matthew Combe of the Royal Navy.


1836, 17 Jan, Sydney, John Barry: William Coombe, convict from Devon.


1837, 2 Feb, Adelaide, John Renwick: Frances Combe, 21 year old servant.


1838, 18 Jan, Adelaide, Royal Admiral: Ann Bowden (nee Coumbe from North Hill, sister of migrant James Coombe) and husband Jacob Bowden, with daughter Lydia Bowden and son Edward Coumbe Bowden born aboard. See Ann Coumbe and Jacob Bowden.


1838, 1 Dec, Adelaide, Lloyds: From Devon, Ephraim Coombe (blacksmith, 34), wife (28) and son (8). Ephraim was the first Coombe on the South Australia electoral roll. See Ephraim Coombe Extended Family.


1839, 27 Sep, Adelaide, Lady Lilford: From Devon, John Combs, plasterer, wife Ann Hartley and three children.


1840, 6 feb, Adelaide, Java: Eliza Coombe ===> not yet researched


1842, 4 Jul, Tasmania, Orleana: John Coombe, his wife and 7 dependants, of Lewannick origins, from Altarnun, Cornwall to Campbell Town, Tasmania. John's second cousin James brought his family to Australia five years later.


1845, 4 Apr, Adelaide, Isabella Watson: Benjamin Coombes. Widower married widow Elizabeth Williss, 16 Sep 1854, C of E Kensington SA. Died 1884 SA. No known issue. Born c. 1812-1817.


1846, 14 Nov, Adelaide, Augustus: Rev. William Henry & Eliza Coombs, the well known long serving rector of St George’s Church, Gawler SA.


1847, 16 Mar, Adelaide, Princess Royal: James Coumbe and extended family from Altarnun. James is the second cousin of John who earlier brought his family to Tasmania. Recorded as Coombe on arrival in South Australia: Eliza; James; James and wife and 4 children; John; Thomas and wife and 2 children; and William. They are the ancestors of Coombe, Coombs and Coombes in Australia.


1848, 28 Jan, Adelaide, Success: Samuel Coombe, his wife Harriet Dunstan, children Jane, Harriet, Samuel, Caroline, migrated from Frogpool, Gwennap, Cornwall to South Australia. Children of Samuel’s brother Henry migrated later. See Frogpool Gwennap Coombe


1849, 12 Jan, Adelaide, Samuel Boddington: unmarried female immigrant Emma Coombes (age 25).


1849, 22 Mar, Adelaide, Pakenham: Ann Coombe. Married Samuel Pope. See Ephraim Coombe Extended Family.


1849, 20 Jun, Adelaide, Posthumous: James Coombe, his wife Jane and 6 children. This family is the main research interest in these web pages. See James Coombe and Jane Lean.


1849, 16 Nov, Adelaide, Himalaya: Richard Coombe and child; Samuel Coombe, wife and 2 children. These are the Lewannick extended Coombe families.


1849, 10 Dec, Sydney, Aztec: Mr and Mrs Coombe. Can you identify this couple? It could be Wiltshire couple Charles Walter Coombe and Ann Banks.


1850, 26 Mar, Adelaide, Samuel Boddington: Harvey Edmond Combe


1850, 11 Apr, Adelaide, Rajah: “E. Sawten Coombs wife and three children” or “C. Coombs, Isabella Coombs, G. Coombs, Sarah Coombs, James Coombs” ===> not yet researched


1850, 15 Sep, Adelaide, Stebonheath: Robert Coombs ===> not yet researched


By Jan 1852, John Coombs who married Sarah Ann Middleton - see Coombs of Moorna. Also Thomas Coombes married Rosetta Rogers.


1852, 15 Jun, Adelaide, Standard: William Green Coombs, Jane McMillan and Rachel McMillan. See: Green Coombs from Milborne Port, Somerset.


1853, Dec, Melbourne, Gauntlet: Uriah Coombs. See: Green Coombs from Milborne Port, Somerset.


1853, 10 Dec, Sydney, Herefordshire: George Lascelles Coombe (1832 Exeter DEV - 1902 Sydney NSW). Obituary. Details not checked. Source: The Monaro Pioneers Project - Pioneers and Settlers Database


1854, 17 Dec, Adelaide, Standard: Thomas Coombe, 24, single, from Cornwall. Although he is thought to have arrived later, the age is right for the Thomas of the Lewannick extended Coombe families.


1855, Jan, Sydney, Ebba Brahe: From Devon, Ephraim Coombe, to Sydney in January and then onwards to Adelaide in October on the Eugene. See Ephraim Coombe Extended Family.


1855, 23 Jun, Adelaide, Velocity: Henry Coumbe (1804-76), wife Jane Forster (1811-?) and children: Harry Coumbe (1833-77), Mary Coumbe (1835-?), Elizabeth Forster Coumbe (1838-?), John Coumbe (1845-1925), William Coumbe (1848-1913).


1856, 7 Feb, Adelaide, Lord Raglan: Edward Coombe, wife and two children.


1857, 24 May, Adelaide, R. M. Mills: Thomas Loaring Coombe, wife and two children, from Devon - flour mill businesses.


1859, 29 Jun, Adelaide, James Jardine: Nicholas Coombe, wife Mary Holman and children: Mary and Jane.


1862, Mar, Adelaide, Lady Ann: Benjamin Coumbe, Edgar Coumbe, Alice Coumbe / Ellis Coumbe, John Coumbe, Selina Coumbe and Susan Coumbe.


1863, Aug, Victoria, Aleeta: Benedictus Coombe. These are the Lewannick extended Coombe families.


1865, Feb, Victoria, Rockhampton: Grace and children (Emma J, Matthew J, Elizabeth and George) - family of Benedictus above. These are the Lewannick extended Coombe families.


1865, 23 Dec, Adelaide, Gosforth: John Coombe, his wife Mary and daughter Elizabeth, migrated from Frogpool, Gwennap, Cornwall to South Australia. John’s uncle Samuel migrated earlier. See Frogpool Gwennap Coombe.


1866, 18 Jan, Adelaide, Salamanca: Charlotte Coombes, b. 1846 East Brent, Somersetshire, m. MILLARD 1868 Adel, d. 1932.


1866, 31 Dec, Adelaide, Canterbury: James Coombe and Susan Williams Langman of Tamlin and Coombe Ropemakers.


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