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Mostly CoombeMigrants - Green Coombs from Milborne Port, Somerset


Brothers William Green Coombs and Uriah Coombs both migrated to Australia. Along with their siblings, they were born in Milborne Port, Somerset (where a George Coombs operated a mill from 1819). The siblings and their parents are:


Robert COOMBS, b. 1794 Caundle Purse, Dorset

+ Anna GREEN, m. 3 Nov 1817 Barwick, Somerset

  ├── Mary, b. 18 Dec 1818

  ├── Elizabeth COOMBS, b. 1 May 1821

  ├── Susanna COOMBS, b. 5 May 1823

  ├── Robert COOMBS, 1826

  ├── William Green COOMBS, 1 Jul 1829, => see below

  ├── Uriah COOMBS, b. 02 Apr 1832, => see below

  └── George COOMBS, b. 18 Sep 1834


The families of those who migrated are listed below. The following abbreviations are used: ? = uncertain, NI = no issue, ... indicates known descendants, Adel = Adelaide, SA, SA = South Australia, VIC = Victoria, TAS = Tasmania, IRL = Ireland.


William Green Coombs


William Green COOMBS married Jane PARSONS in the first quarter of 1852 in Wincanton, Somerset. They immediately left for South Australia, William migrating as a farm servant and arriving in Adelaide on 15 June 1852 on the emigrant ship Standard. Jane died on the voyage. (Also SA Register). William married another passenger, Rachael McMILLAN after their arrival in Adelaide. (Some researchers have thought William’s first wife was Rachael’s sister, Jane McMILLAN.)


The South Australian Advertiser of 8 Nov 1884 reported:

The death occurred at West-terrace on Friday of Mr. W. G. Coombes, who was an old colonist, having been in the province for thirty-six years, of which time he was in business as a saddler in Hindley-street for thirty years.

See also funeral and short obituary.


The house of Robert John COOMBS, "Baroona" in St Peters, was the subject of an episode of the TV series "Who's Been Sleeping in My House". Researcher Sue FARRANT makes the following comments: “Jane Parsons (was) the daughter of George and Ellenor Parsons of Oborne, Dorset… The 1851 census of Oborne in Dorset shows Jane, aged 21 (shortly before her marriage) employed as a 'glover' living at home with her father George aged 46, agricultural labourer, and mother Ellenor, aged 55, laundress.”


William Green Coombs’ second wife was, as you state, Rachel McMillan of County Tyrone.  He didn’t waste much time – the “Standard” arrived in Adelaide on 15th June 1852 and he married Rachel at the Congregational Chapel in Adelaide on 27th July 1852. Rachel died in 1875, a few days after the birth of their fourteenth child. 


This branch of the family must have been very strong Congregationalists, particularly with Rev Uriah Coombs in Victoria.   It is interesting that William Green Coombs’ eldest son, Robert John Coombs, married a Melbourne girl, Mary Wright Chambers, and they returned to Adelaide to live.


William Green COOMBS, b. 1 Jul 1829 Milborne Port, Somerset, occ: saddler, d. 1884 Adel

+ Jane PARSONS, b. 6 Mar 1831 Oborne, Dorset, m. 1st Qtr 1852 Wincanton, d. at sea 1852

+ Rachel McMILLAN, b.c. 1832 Tyrone IRL, m. 27 Jul 1852 Adel, d. 1875 Adel

  ├── Robert John COOMBS, b. 1853 Adel, m. Mary Wright CHAMBERS 1881 VIC, woolbroker, d. 1913 Adel ...

  ├── William Green COOMBS, b. 1855 Adel, d. 1922 Malvern Adel, m. Martha SHEPLEY Obituary ...

  ├── Elizabeth Jane COOMBS, b. 1856 Adel, m. John ROUNSEVELL 1881 Adel ...

  ├── Frederick Charles COOMBS, b. 1858 Adel, m. Matilda DENBY, d. 1922 Adel, ...

  ├── Sarah COOMBS, b. 1859 Adel, m. John ROUNSEVELL 1887 Adel ...

  ├── Anna / Hannah COOMBS, b. 1861 Adel, d. 1865 Adel. NI.

  ├── Matilda Green COOMBS, b. 1862 Adel, m. Alfred WILLIAMS 1885 Adel ...

  ├── Emily Mary Watsford COOMBS, b. 1863 Adel, m. William Omah BULLOCK ...

  ├── Sophia Green COOMBS, b., d. 1865 Adel. NI.

  ├── Clara Rachel COOMBS, b. 1866 Adel, m. Horace Vernon ROUNSEVELL 1912 Adel. NI?

  ├── Joshua Gurr COOMBS, b. 1867 Adel, m. Hannah Letitia Miletta O’CONNELL 1894 Adel, d. 1943 Adel ...

  ├── Isaac Samuel COOMBS, b. 1870 Adel, m. Annie Dora MULLER 1893 Adel, d. 1915 Adel, Issue?

  ├── Eva Edwards COOMBS, b. 1872 Adel, d. 1882 Adel of typhoid. NI.

  └── George Uriah COOMBS, b. 1874 Adel, m. Christina COCK 1901 Adel

+ Amelia PARKER, m. 1875 Adel, d. 1913 Adel

  ├── Fanny Amelia COOMBS, 1876-80 Adel. NI.

  ├── Frank Parker COOMBS, b. 1877 Adel, d. Ararat VIC 1901

  ├── Victoria Anna COOMBS, b. 1878 Adel, d. 1879 Adel. NI.

  ├── Florence Anna COOMBS, b. 1879 Adel, m. Joseph Dixon LINEHAN 1901 Adel ...

  └── Walter Green COOMBS, b. 1881 Adel, m. Julie Elizabeth BEILER 1908 Adel, d. 1949 Adel ...


Uriah Coombs


Uriah migrated unassisted and single to Victoria on the Gauntlet in December 1853. In 1856, he was granted a gold mining “lease of 50 yards on the Allingham Reef, top of New Chum” in Bendigo. Uriah was for most of his life a minister in the Congregational Church. He took charge of the Warrnambool congregation in 1865 after completing theological college in Melbourne. His church move from Warrnambool VIC to Tasmania was reported in 1881.


Uriah COOMBS, b. 2 Apr 1832 Milborne Port, Somerset, Congregational minister.

  d. 1900, bd. Nth. Franklin TAS.

+ Anne Elizabeth HARBOUR, b.c. 1832, m. 1856 Bendigo VIC, d. 1901, bd. Nth. Franklin TAS

  ├── William Green COOMBS, b.c 1858, m. Mary Amanda BILLINGHAM, d. 1898 Warracknabeal VIC ...

  ├── Emelia Annie COOMBS, 1859-60 Eagle Hawk VIC. NI.

  ├── Alice Elizabeth Mary COOMBS, b.,d. 1861 Eagle Hawk VIC. NI.

  ├── Alice Matilda COOMBS, b. 1862 Eagle Hawk VIC, m. Thomas WILSON Eagle Hawk VIC 1880 ...

  ├── Clara Louisa COOMBS, 1864-65 Carlton VIC. NI.

  ├── Horace Buckland COOMBS, 1865-66 Carlton VIC. NI.

  └── Florence Augusta COOMBS, b. 1868 Warrnambool VIC, d. 1933, bd. Nth. Franklin TAS. NI.


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