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Mostly CoombeMigrants - James Jardine - 1859 - Nicholas Coombe and Family


In Adelaide, South Australia on 29 Jun 1859 on the James Jardine in 1859 arrived: Nicholas Coombe (farm labourer, age 34, from St Austell), his wife Mary Coombe (29, nee Holman) and daughters Mary Coombe (6) and Jane Coombe (infant).


In the 1851 census, Nicholas was a lodger (agricultural labourer, born Lanlivery, age 23) at Mary’s parents house in Tywardreath. Although migrating as a labourer, Nicholas’ daughters’ later baptisms give his occupation as blacksmith. Nicholas was the son of William Rundle Coombe, blacksmith and Elizabeth Knight (see Paternal Ancestry below).


In about the mid 1870s Nicholas took his family, along with John Lawn and wife Mary (nee Coombe), to New Zealand working in the goldmines in the Reefton area. Nicholas was a boilermaker, while Joseph and John were miners. Mary died in Reefton and her children married and died there. By 1902 all Nicholas’ family including his children had died after which he returned to South Australia. Nicholas Coombe is recorded in the 1915 electoral roll as residing at the Salvation Army Home, Beaumont, a boilermaker. He died in 1915.


An obituary appeared in the Register of 5 Aug 1915:

Our Gladstone correspondent wrote on Tuesday:- By the death of Mr. Nicholas Coumbe, which occurred on Thursday, at the Salvation Army Home, at Burnside, the north has lost an old and much-respected resident. When a young man Mr. Coumbe was selected as one of 20 to accompany some Spaniards to work the mines in Cuba. After three years there he came to South Australia in 1862. For 15 years he resided at Moonta, and then went to New Zealand, where he remained for 15 years. He then returned to Burra, where his wife died. He subsequently came to Gladstone, and resided for a number of years with Mr. John Growden. A few months ago he elected to go to the Salvation Army Home. Mr. Coumbe was a remarkably strong and energetic man, and not long ago it was a common thing to see him on horseback rounding up cattle on the farm.


Below is a descendancy chart for this family. The following abbreviations are used: ? = uncertain, NI = no issue, ... indicates known descendants, NZL = New Zealand, CON = Cornwall, SA = South Australia.


Nicholas COOMBE, 10 Sep 1826 Church Town, Lanlivery CON, d. 29 Jul 1915 Beaumont SA age 91.

Mary HOLMAN, b. 28 Feb 1828 Tywardreath CON, m. 12 Oct 1851 Tywardreath CON, d. 1889 Reefton NZL

├── Mary Elizabeth COOMBE, b. 13 Mar 1853 Tywardreath CON

│   +John LAWN, m. 6 Sep 1873 Wallaroo SA ...

│   ├── Nicholas LAWN b. 11 Mar 1874 Kadina SA, d. 1932 Reefton NZ

│   ├── James LAWN, b. 1876 Reefton? NZL, d. 1942

│   ├── Florence Laura LAWN, b. 1878 Reefton NZL, d. Echuca VIC 1936

│   ├── Alice LAWN, b. 1880 Reefton NZL, d. 1921

│   ├── Jane LAWN, b. 1883 Reefton NZL

│   ├── Louisa LAWN, b. 1886 Reefton NZL, d. 1933

│   ├── May LAWN, b. 1888 Reefton NZL, d. 1947

│   ├── Mary LAWN, b. 1890 Reefton NZL, d. 1953

│   ├── Sarah (Sadie) LAWN, b. 1891 Reefton NZL, d. 1954

│   └── John LAWN, b. 1894 Reefton NZL, d. 1962

├── Jane Ann COOMBE, b: 23 May 1858 Tywardreath CON, d. 30 Sep 1878 Moonta SA

│   +Thomas Henry EDWARDS, m. 11 Aug 1877 Moonta SA

│   └── Nicholas John EDWARDS b. 13 Sep 1878 Moonta SA ...

├── John COOMBE, b. 10 Jul 1859, d. 2 Aug 1859, Aberdeen (Burra) SA. NI

├── Joseph Knight COOMBE b. 16 Nov 1861 Kooringa SA, d. 1 Oct 1901 Reefton NZL

│   +Maria Eliza KITTELTY, m. 30 Dec 1891 Lyell NZL, d. 20 Nov 1941 Westport NZL 

│   ├── Mary Eliza COOMBE, b. 31 Dec 1893 Reefton NZL, d. 29 Jan 1971 Westport NZL ...

│   ├── Henry Chesterman Joseph Nicholas COOMBE b. 23 May 1896 Reefton NZL, d. 20 Sep 1954 Orowaiti NZL ...

│   ├── Alfred John COOMBE b. 21 Jun 1898 Reefton NZL, d. 23 May 1972 Lower Hutt NZL ...

│   └── William James COOMBE b. 29 May 1900 Reefton NZL, d. 15 Oct 1969 Hokitika NZL

├── Nicholas John COOMBE, b. 23 Sep 1864, Wallaroo SA, d. 10 Jun 1865 Moonta SA. NI

├── Richard Holman COOMBE b. 28 Mar 1867 Moonta SA, d. 8 May 1867 Moonta SA. NI

└── Riza Yarra COOMBE b. 13 Apr 1868 Moonta SA, d. 17 May 1872 “Kessia Coombe” Moonta SA. NI


Nicholas’ Paternal Ancestry


Nicholas COOMBE, b. 10 Sep 1826 Lanlivery, son of:

  William Rundle COOMBE, blacksmith and Elizabeth KNIGHT, m. 17 Apr 1813 Lostwithiel

  William Rundle COOMBE, b. 4 Apr 1790 Tywardreath,son of:

    John COOMBE and Anne RUNDLE, m. 18 Jul 1789 Golant, St. Sampson


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