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Mostly CoombeMigrants - John Parsons Combs and Ann Maria Hartley


John Combs applied for a labourer’s free passage to South Australia in April 1839 on behalf of himself (plasterer, age 30), his wife (26), son (3) and daughters (6, 2 months). They arrived at Port Adelaide on 27 Sep 1839 on the Lady Lilford. Was Ann then singing performance in November 1839?


John appears in the South Australian directories as a plasterer from 1844 onwards at Thebarton (1844), Hawdon Street (1845-47) and Angas Street (1850-51). John Coombes, plasterer, and his wife Ann, of Angas-street Adelaide, are reported as victims of a burglary in the newspaper of 11 July 1850.


It is thought John Coombs was licensee of the Oddfellows’ Arms, Morphett St, Adelaide from 31 Mar 1851 till early 1852, and is mentioned in a court report on 14 March 1851.


Father and sons owned mining shares in the 1880s and were all described as plasterers of Sandhurst (Bendigo). They all owned shares in New Era Extended Gold Mining Co. N/L Franklinford (1884, 25th Aug). The sons are the three surviving ones listed, plus another John whose birth has not yet been found.


The family later standardised on the name COOMBES.


The family is listed below. The following abbreviations are used: ? = uncertain, NI = no issue, ... indicates known descendants, AJBW = Aston Juxta Birmingham, Warwick, BW = Birmingham, Warwick, SA = South Australia, VIC = Victoria.


John COMBS, b. 1808 Exeter DEVON, d. 1882 Sandhurst (Bendigo) VIC age 74.

 + Ann Maria HARTLEY, b. 1813 BW, m.1831 AJBW, d. “Coombes” 1887 Sandhurst (Bendigo) VIC age 74.

├── Emeline COMBS, b.c. 1833, m. William WELCH 1852 Adelaide

├── Moses COMBS, b. 1836 AJB, plasterer Bendigo ...

├── Jane COMBS, b. 1839 AJB, m. Edmund KIMPTON Castlemaine VIC 1856 ...

├── Ruth COMBS, b. Thebarton Adelaide SA 16 Apr 1841, m. Richard JENKINS Castlemaine VIC 1858, d. Port Melbourne 1905 ...

├── George Henry COMBS, b. Adelaide SA 1844, plasterer Bendigo

├── Emma COMBS, b. Adelaide SA 1845

├── Mary Ann COMBS, b. Adelaide SA 1846, m. William SOUTHGATE 1864 VIC ...

├── John COMBS, 1848-50 Adelaide SA. NI.

├── Jessie COOMBES, b. Adelaide SA 1850, m. Francis TELFER 1868 VIC ...

├── William COMBS, b. Adelaide SA 1852, plasterer Bendigo, m. Ellen NAYLOR 1877 VIC ...

├── Julia COOMBS, b. Collingwood VIC 1854, m. Walter LOVELAND 1877 VIC ...

└── Celia COMBS, b. Forest Creek VIC 1856, m. Reuben Augustus CLARKE 1879 VIC ...

Is there another possible son, John, born Forest Creek VIC 1860?


John was baptised John Parsons Coomb in Exeter DEV, son of Moses Coomb and Emmeline Parsons.


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