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Mostly CoombeMigrantsLady Ann 1862


The following arrived in Adelaide in March 1862 on the Lady Ann: Benjamin Coumbe, Edgar Coumbe, Alice Coumbe / Ellis Coumbe, John Coumbe, Selina Coumbe and Susan Coumbe. Within 18 months both parents had died. The eldest son soon returned to England. A daughter remained in South Australia.


If this should meet the eye of RICHARD HARRIS, late of Paddington, London, by immediately applying to Mr. J. Coumbe, butcher, Topham-street, Adelaide, he will hear of something greatly to his advantage through the death of his father and sister (Mrs. Mullins.)  Sep-Oct 1862


John Coumbe’s colonial life was short. He was the subject of a controversial assault in December 1862. In March 1863 there was an inquest into the death of John Coumbe, butcher, of Topham-street, Adelaide, who died in an accident driving a cart. Benjamin William Coumbe, son of the deceased, said his father was 50 years of age.


Susannah died at home in Brompton, recently widow of John Coumbe.


A researcher has documented the UK family tree which has contributed to the family chart below. The following abbreviations are used: ? = uncertain, NI = no issue, ... indicates known descendants, SA = South Australia, CON = Cornwall.


John COUMBE, b.c. 1815 St Austell CON, d. Mar 1863 Adelaide SA, age 50, see inquest below.

 + Susannah DRAPER, b.c. Hounslow Middlesex, d. Aug 1863, Bowden SA.

├── Benjamin William COUMBE, b.c. 1843, d. Hendon Middlesex 1886.

├── Susannah COUMBE, b.c. 1848, d?

├── Alice COUMBE, b.c. 1849, d. NI.

├── Alice COUMBE, b.c. 1850 => see below.

├── Selina COUMBE, b.c. 1852 => see below.

└── Edgar COUMBE, b.c. 1854


Selina married James George O'DANIEL on Christmas Day 1874 at St Paul Church, Adelaide. They had children in South Australia: Emily Alice O'Daniel 1876, James George O'Daniel 1878, Edgar John O'Daniel 1880, William Henry O'Daniel 1882, Albert Edward O'Daniel 1884, Elsie May O'Daniel 1887, Selina Annie O'Daniel 1889, Percival Richard O'Daniel 1891, Leonard Coumbe O'Daniel 1896.  Leonard enlisted in WWI from their home in Hyde Park, SA.

Alice married William VALENTINE in Feb 1874 at Riverton SA. They had children at or near Riverton SA: George Coumbe Valentine 1874, Thomas Edgar Valentine 1876, Val Valentine 1881, Cecil Valentine 1884 and Esther Ann Valentine 1886.


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