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Mostly CoombeMigrants - Family of Lieut. Matthew Combe, R.N.


This extended family – the children of the late Lieutenant Matthew Combe of the Royal Navy - migrated to various parts of Australia:

   * Matthew Tomlinson COMBE – migration?

   * William George COMBE arrived in Sydney 8 Jan 1856 on La Hogue.

   * James Campbell COMBE arrived in Sydney 14 Nov 1855 on Ellenborough as 3rd Officer

   * Margaret COMBE (m. BUDD) – arrived Adelaide 24 Sep 1850 on Princess Helena

   * Jane Mary Catherine COMBE – migration?

   * Caroline Sophia COMBE migrated as a 19 year old servant on General Hewett to Port Adelaide, 13 Sep 1858.

   * Henry George COMBE migrated as a 17 year old labourer on General Hewett to Port Adelaide, 13 Sep 1858.


“Lieutenant Matthew Combe, R.N., served as Chief Officer H.M. Coastguard, No. 2 Battery, Dungeness”, read more ...


Fatal Occurrence at Calais

(From a Correspondent)

On Saturday last we had a very melancholy event here. The Honfleur, steam-packet boat, had been lying off this harbour, waiting for the mail to be sent out to her for Dover. While she thus played on and off shore she unfortunately grounded on the sands about one mile eastward of the pier. The wind was very high (south-west), and the sea equally so. All efforts to float her were unavailing; the wind pressed heavily down and the tide was falling.


In this state, unhappily, five persons, Lieutenant Coombe, R.N, Englishman, one German, and three Frenchmen, took a boat; it upset, and all were drowned.


This morning Lieut Coombe was interred; the British Consul and other English inhabitants attended his funeral. It is understood that he has left a widow and three young children in one of the neighbouring villages, and that he had been an officer of zeal and bravery. The marks of his wounds in the service of his country caused his being identified.


The Honfleur still lies on the sands.


Source: London Standard Friday 03 March 1848 Page 3 of 4 Column 3

Transcribed by Cefyn Grafton 12 March 2014.


Cefyn Grafton in UK also notes that some of the younger children lived with their eldest brother Julius and his family prior to emigration. The three youngest surviving children were with Julius at the 1851 census: Jane, Caroline and Henry George.


The family is listed below. The following abbreviations are used: ? = uncertain, NI = no issue, ... indicates known descendants, CON = Cornwall, KEN = Kent, SSX = Sussex, SA = South Australia, VIC = Victoria.


Lieutenant Matthew COMBE R.N, b. circa 1793, d. 26 Feb 1848 Calais

+Jane MANSER, m. 9 Feb 1829 Pevensey SSX

+-- Julius COMBE, b.c. 1822, d. 30 Jul 1887 Canonbury ENG

+-- Matthew Tomlinson COMBE, b. circa 1830, d. 1890 Camp Hill, Forbes NSW

¦   + Louisa COURTOY, b. circa 1834, m. 31 Jul 1852 Adelaide SA

¦   +-- Agnes Margaret COMBE, b. 1856 Sandhurst VIC, d. 1856 Bendigo VIC. NI.

¦   +-- William Alfred COMBE, b. 1857 White Hills VIC, d. 1858 Bendigo VIC. NI.

¦   +-- Matthew Charles William Alfred COMBE, b. 1859 Third White VIC

¦   +-- Louisa Jane COMBE, b. 1862 White Hills VIC

¦   ¦   + William Edward CALMAN, m. 1886 White Hills VIC

¦   +-- Caroline Eliza COMBE, b. 1864 White Hills VIC

¦   ¦   + Charles John HAYNES, m. 1880 Castlemaine VIC

¦   +-- Anne COMBE, b. 1866 White Hills VIC

¦   +-- Emily Gertrude COMBE, b. 1869 White Hills VIC

¦   +-- Agnes Margaret COMBE, b. 1871 White Hills VIC

¦   +-- Mary Campbell COMBE, b. 1875 Castlemaine VIC

¦   \-- George Henry COMBE, b. 1878 Castlemaine VIC

+-- William George COMBE, b. 1831 Hooe SSX, d. ?

¦   + Frances Teresa DAVIDGE, b. 1839 Shaftesbury ENG or Sydney NSW, m. 16 Mar 1857 Sydney NSW

¦   +-- Jane COMBE, b. 1858 Sydney NSW

¦   \-- Charles Henry COMBE, b. 1860 Sydney, NSW, d. 1903 Forbes, NSW ...

+-- James Campbell COMBE, b. 1834 Hooe SSX, d. 1876 Gawler SA

+-- Margaret COMBE, b. 1834 Hooe SSX, d. 1875 MacLaren Vale SA

¦   + m. William Alfred BUDD Q2 1850 Islington London England ...

+-- Jane Mary Catherine COMBE, b.c. 1836, d. 1909 Adelaide SA

¦   + Benjamin Edward DELAND Gawler SA ...

+-- Henry Augustus COMBE, b.,d. 1838 NI

+-- Caroline Sophia COMBE, b.c. 1840, d. 1938. Obituary below.

¦   + Richard PAVY, m. 1861 Myponga SA ... Golden Wedding | Obituary

+-- Henry George COMBE, b. 1840 Dungeness KEN, d. 1934 Crystal Brook SA

¦   + Eliza DUNSTAN, b. 1844 CON, m. 1867, d. 1887 Crystal Brook SA

¦   +-- Ernest Dunstan COMBE, b. 1867 Myponga SA, d. 1868 Myponga SA. NI.

¦   +-- Mary Jane Idonia COMBE, b. 1869 Myponga SA, d. 1885 Crystal Brook SA

¦   +-- Agnes Eliza COMBE, b. 1870 Myponga SA, d. 1891 Clare SA

¦   +-- George Ernest COMBE, b. 1872 Myponga SA, d. 1962 Adelaide SA

¦   ¦   + Ethel May WILSON, m. Kalgoorlie WA 1901

¦   +-- James Campbell COMBE, b. 1874 Crystal Brook SA, d. 1956 Crystal Brook SA

¦   ¦   + Florence May BECK, d. 1934 Crystal Brook SA ...

¦   +-- William Henry COMBE, b. 1877 Crystal Brook SA, d. 1973 Crystal Brook SA

¦   ¦   + Sarah Moore WILSON, m. 1909 Clare SA, d. 1957 Crystal Brook SA

¦   +-- Matthew Richard COMBE, b. 1880 Crystal Brook SA

¦   ¦   + Elsie Maud WOOD, m. 17 Feb 1904 Crystal Brook SA ...

¦   \-- Julius Francis COMBE, b. 1884 Crystal Brook SA, d. 1961 Crystal Brook SA

¦       + Winifred Mary WILSON, m. 1919 ...

\-- Julia COMBE, 1844-45. NI


Further family information is available for Crystal Brook Cemetery.


Matthew Combe (junior) consigned 14 oz gold, value £49/14/-, to his fiancée Louisa Cortoy on the first gold escort back to Adelaide from the Victorian goldfields. He later became a permanent resident in the goldfields. Many of his letters are available in the digital archive of the Letters to Isaac Edward Dyason dated from 1872.



Mr. Henry George Combe, who died at Crystal Brook, was born at Dungeness, Kent, England, on August 16, 1840. He was the youngest son of Lieutenant Matthew Combe of the Royal Navy, and when 13 years of age sailed on the ship General Hewitt and arrived at Port Adelaide on September 13, 1858. He was engaged in farming with his brother-in-law, Mr. Alfred Budd, of Myponga. In 1861, he visited the Victorian and New Zealand gold diggings, eventually returning to Myponga. In 1867 he married Miss Eliza Dunstan, of Sellick’s Hill. Six years later he went to Crystal Brook and selected 410 acres on the Broughton River. He bought the land at £2 per acre. Since then he added largely to his holdings. He was chair man of the Myponga District Council in 1872. He was a life member of the North-Western Agricultural Society, for which he was a steward for many years. There were six sons and two daughters of the marriage. His wife, one son and two daughters predeceased him. The five living sons are Messrs. G. E. Combe, of St. Peters, J. C., W. H., M. R., and J. T. Combe, of Crystal Brook, and one sister, Mrs. R. Pavy, of Hyde Park. Advertiser (Adelaide, SA) 20 December 1934


From Caroline's obituary: Mrs. Pavy spent several years in the Myponga district in the earlier days of the State, and on two occasions she came in rather alarming contact with blacks. Once she was forced to entertain a murderer while he wrote a letter in her house. Mrs. Pavy’s family came to South Australia about 85 years ago, and her brother, the late Mr. H. Combe, was one of the first settlers at Myponga. She spent a number of years in Milang, and later with her husband moved to Crystal Brook, where she lived for about 60 years.


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