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Mostly Coombe Migrants - Samuel Boddington 1849 - Emma Coombs


1849, 12 Jan, Adelaide, Samuel Boddington: Passenger list includes unmarried female immigrants embarked at London including Emma Coombes (age 25).


June 1859 marriage: On the 23rd instant, at St John's Church, Adelaide, by the Rev. Canon Russell, assisted by the Rev. Canon Coombs, Mr. Thomas John King, of Port Adelaide, to Emma, youngest daughter of the late Henry Coombs, of New Windsor, Berks, England.


Thomas John King ... married fellow teacher, Emma Coombs. They had three children - Frederick Martin born 1860, Emma Jane born 1862 and Charlotte Elizabeth born 1864 ... He died on 18th December 1885, at the age of 69 years ... Thomas is buried in Cheltenham Cemetery, with his second wife, Emma, (died 1902), their son Frederick (died 1918) and youngest daughter, Charlotte (died 1929). The headstone is still standing and in good condition. Thomas John King was the Great Great Grandfather of Coral Haeusler, though his son with his first wife, Jane, who was also called Thomas John King. Information provided by Coral Haeusler (June 2010). Source: State Library of South Australia. Note: King was re-elected mayor of Port Adelaide in Nov 1884.


The families are listed below. The following abbreviations are used: ? = uncertain, NI = no issue, ... indicates known descendants, SA = South Australia.


Emma COOMBS, b.c. 1823/4,

 + Thomas John KING, m. 23 Jun 1859 Adelaide SA, d. 1885

├── Frederick Martin KING, b. Pt Adelaide SA 1860

├── Emma Jane KING, b. Adelaide SA 1862 Pt Adelaide SA.

└── Charlotte Elizabeth KING, b. 1864 Pt Adelaide SA.


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