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Mostly Coombe Migrants - Samuel Boddington 1850 - Harvey Edmond Combe


1850, 26 Mar, Adelaide, Samuel Boddington: Although not on the passenger list, a Mr Coomb was reported to be a passenger.


DEATHS. COMBE. On the 24th May, at his residence, Olivecombe, Marlborough street, College Park, Harvey Edmond Combe, solicitor, late of Victoria and Clement's Inn, London, second son of Boyce Combe, Esq., police magistrate, London, in his 83rd year, leaving a widow, five sons, and two daughters to mourn their loss. Adelaide Register 28 May 1902


George Australasia Combe played football for South Adelaide and Norwood and once played for Carlton when the latter was on tour and short of players.


The family is listed below. The following abbreviations are used: ? = uncertain, NI = no issue, ... indicates known descendants, SA = South Australia, ADL = Adelaide SA, VIC = Victoria.


Harvey Edmond COMBE, b.c. 1819-20 , d. 1902 East ADL, age 82.

 + Mary Anne EALES, b.c. 1832-33, m. 1853 VIC, d. 1916 College Park SA age 83.

├── Emily Mary COMBE, b. Geelong VIC 1855

├── Isabella Anne COMBE, b. Geelong VIC 1856, m. Henry Charles PEARCE 1897 ADL.

├── Harvey Australasia COMBE, 1859-73 Geelong VIC. NI.

├── Boyce Australasia COMBE, b. Geelong VIC 1862, d. 1948 Glenelg SA.

├── Matthew Horace Australasia COMBE, b. Geelong VIC 1863, m. Florence Adelaide TRENERRY 1906 ADL, d. 1954 Glenelg SA ...

├── male COMBE, b. VIC 1865

├── George Christian Australasia COMBE, b. Geelong VIC 1868, m. Edith Maud JARVIS 1906 ADL, d. 4 Nov 1928 Royston Park, ADL ...

├── David Trewythen COMBE, b. Geelong VIC 1870, d. 1889 SA.

└── James Bowen Australasia COMBE, b. Geelong VIC 1873, m. Alice Lilian BOTTING 1915 Rose Park SA.


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