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Thomas Loaring Coombe (also Thomas Loring Coombe), was a flour miller in England, South Australia and New South Wales, suffering bankruptcy in them all. On 24 May 1857, the R. M. Mills arrived in Adelaide, SA with Thomas, his wife, two children and a servant “Thos. L., Georgina E., Georgina E., and Henry Coombe”. None of his children survived to have children of their own.


He was often referred to as T. L. Coombe, was occasionally incorrectly referred to as J. L. Coombe, but is not to be confused with John Lean Coombe.


Thomas was the son of Edward Coombe, miller and Sarah Plucknett. “Edward Coombe married Thomas Plucknett’s daughter, at Thorverton, in 1823, and is described in the marriage licence bond as a miller. He ran the mill at Feniton until he died in 1840 and then his sons Thomas Loaring and James Coombe ran it successively. They had another brother, Edwin, and I am wondering if it was he who later took over Thorverton Mill.” Source: John Winchurch on Plucknett millers.


The family is listed below. Migrants are in bold. The following abbreviations are used: ? = uncertain, NI = no issue, ... indicates known descendants, DEV = Devon, SA = South Australia, NSW = New South Wales.


Thomas Loaring COOMBE, b. 1826 Honiton on Otter DEV, d. 1888 Exeter DEV.
Georgina Eleanor ATKINSON, b. 1825 Exeter DEV, m.?, d. 1872 Sydney NSW
Georgina Eleanor Miller COOMBE, b.?, m(1) George H.E. BELFRAGE 1875, m(2) Edmund James LAMB 1887, d. 1902 Chatswood NSW. NI.
├── William Henry Loaring COOMBE, b.c. 1852, d. Singleton NSW 1877 after swimming accident. NI.
├── Thomas Atkinson COOMBE, 1857-57 Hindmarsh SA. NI.
Seymour Plucknett COOMBE, 1859-60 Port Adelaide SA. NI
+ Marie LIPPMANN (nee Maria
WEBB), b. 1834 NSW, m. 1874, d. 1911 Sydney NSW (issue by previous marriage)

Some other events for Thomas:

  • 1855 UK gazette bankruptcies: Thomas Loaring Coombe, of No. 183, Lambeth Walk, Surrey baker
  • 1864 Dec: Thomas’ Devon Steam Flour Mill opened in Commercial-road, Port Adelaide SA
  • 1865 Aug: Mill destroyed by fire. Coombe had it insured for £8,000.
  • 1865 Nov: SA insolvency case addresses legalities, jurisdictions and serial bankruptcy
  • 1867 publican of Britannia Hotel Norwood
  • 1869 in Sydney as partner of Thomas Breillat, Sydney Flour Mills
  • 1871 in Sydney’s Sands directory
  • 1872 elected director of the Rothschild Gold Mining Company, Wattle Flat
  • 1874 Remarried: COOMBE – LIPPMANN. April 9, by special license, at St. Andrew's Cathedral, by the Very Rev. the Dean of Sydney, Thomas L. Coombe, Esq., Cadaxton, Double Bay, to Marie, relict of the late Julius Lippmann, Esq., of Sydney.
  • 1875: New Insolvent. – Thomas Loaring Coombe, of Sussex-street, Sydney, miller.
  • 1884: in Sydney’s Sands directory as a miller until 1889, afterwards Mrs Coombe up to 1895
  • 1888 Apr 10: departed Sydney for London on R.M.S. Ormuz
  • 1888 Jun 13: death announced in Sydney Morning Herald


Thomas Loaring COOMBE’s sister also migrated: Nathaniel WHEATON & Louisa WHEATON (née Louisa Coombe), arrived Port Adelaide, Sep 1849, ship “Aden”.


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