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S. T. Gill (STG) ~ 3. Alibis and Mystery


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Time for Some Genealogy!


At the end of last week I was contacted by historian Frank Campbell, who had seen my page on the STG Free Settler vs. Convict Controversy. I suspect this will sound a tad like but he too was investigating and has found alibis and further mystery. So although I was next going to check out STG’s Rundle Street painting, I deviate here to introduce Campbell’s research.


My “controversy” page originally included a timeline, the 1841 South Australian census and a bit more. Having omitted that for a while, I’ve now reinstated that information.


Although I started by exploring Smith’s convict thesis, my research has taken me to other interesting places. My STG focus remains in South Australia, 1840 to 1845, and “artist Gill.”


Frank Campbell has focused on the genealogy of both artist and convict. The reader will be rewarded by following Campbell’s article to its conclusion. He makes a particularly fascinating observation about some handwriting.


The Artist S.T. Gill: A Phony Controversy, Frank Campbell, 21 July 2016.


To quote Campbell, “Let the real research begin…”


I still have more to reveal.



  4. Sunshine and Dating (Rundle Street)



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