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This extended family consists of one of South Australia’s earliest settlers. Ephraim Coombe and family, as well as his niece Ann and nephew Ephraim who migrated later to SA. Some placenames are attributed to this family.


Ephraim Coombe (blacksmith, 34), wife (28) and son (8) migrated to South Australia on the Lloyds, arriving 1 Dec 1838. There was also a 2 year old daughter on the application, but she had died before migration. On the same ship was another Coumbe - but no relative - James Coumbe Bowden.


Ephraim was the first Coombe on the South Australia municipal electoral roll; in 1840-42, he was in Melbourne street, qualifying by freehold. And in 1845 he signed a petition against convict transportation to South Australia. Ephraim farmed the banks of the Torrens River and a newspaper item of 10 Jan 1849 reported the damage caused to his property by a bush fire “in barley, fencing, grass-feed, and clothes, more than ₤40 in value”.


DIED. COOMBE. On the 25th of April, at Gilbert Town, Mr. Ephraim Coombe, in the 77th year of his age. An old colonist of 34 years’ standing. South Australian Advertiser, 26 April 1871.


This death notice suggests this Ephraim Coombe was the same one as on Lloyds in 1838, but that his age on migration was really 44, not 34 as he had perhaps understandably claimed.


Ephraim’s niece, Ann, migrated some years later in 1849 on the Pakenham to Adelaide. She married Samuel Pope on 13 Apr 1851 at St George’s Church Gawler. Samuel farmed at Gawler then moved to the Barossa.


Ephraim’s nephew, Ephraim, migrated later still in 1855 on the Ebba Brahe to Sydney in January and then onwards to Adelaide in October on the Eugene, perhaps after initially trying his hand on the NSW goldfields.


Ephraim Henry Coombe, MP (1858-1917), was the son of this younger Ephraim. Also see Wikipedia.


“Mr. Ephraim Coombe, an old colonist, died at his residence, Willaston, on Thursday. He was a native of Barnstaple, Devon, and came to South Australia in 1855. He at once settled in the Gawler district, and for the last 33 years was storekeeper and postmaster at Willaston. He had reached the age of 80 years. Two sons survive: Mr. Coombe, M.P., Chairman of Committees in the House of Assembly; and Mr. T. Coombe. Chairman of the Mudla Wirra South District Council.” Register (Adelaide), 11 September 1908.


The extended family is listed below. Migrants are in bold. The following abbreviations are used: ? = uncertain, NI = no issue, ... indicates known descendants, DEV = Devon, SA = South Australia. Placenames are in SA unless stated otherwise. A more detailed descendancy chart for Ann Coombe 1824-1898 has been produced by Colleen Bennett (nee Coombe) - please contact me if you are interested in this.


Well-known artist Samuel Michael Byrne (1883-1978) was a son of Hannah Elizabeth POPE.


John COOMBE, d. 4 Nov 1838 Goodleigh DEV, aged 76

 + Elizabeth HOWARD, m. 20 May 1788 Landkey DEV, d. 20 Dec 1846 Goodleigh DEV aged 86

├── Margaret COOMBE, b. 17 Aug 1788 Landkey DEV 

├── John COOMBE, b. 11 Dec 1791 Landkey DEV, ag. lab. 

  + Elizabeth SCOTT b. 27 July 1788 Shirwell DEV, m. 13 March 1817 Shirwell DEV

    ├── John COOMBE, 20 Dec 1819 Shirwell DEV

    ├── James COOMBE, 25 Apr 1822 Shirwell DEV

    ├── Ann COOMBE, b. 22 Feb 1824 Swimbridge DEV, d. 1898 Barossa.

    + Samuel POPE, m. 1851 Gawler SA, d. 1892 Barossa

       ├── Hannah Elizabeth POPE, b. 1851 Gawler, m. James BURNS 1879 ...

       ├── Samuel POPE, b. 1854 nr. Gawler, m. Nancy Booker CURTIS, d. 1942 Adelaide ...

       ├── Charles Henry POPE, b. 1856 Barossa West, d. 1946 Gawler

       ├── Susannah Mary Maria POPE, b. 1859 nr. Gawler, m. Joshua HEPWORTH 1883, d.? ...

       ├── Emily Ruth Rebecca POPE, b. 1861 nr. Gawler, m. John TAPSELL 1886, d.?

       └── Harriet Lewis Coombe POPE, b. 1867 Gawler W., m. Thomas Samuel Huntington WORDEN ...

    ├── Thomas COOMBE, b. 1 Oct 1826 Swimbridge DEV

    └── Ephraim COOMBE, b. 26 Oct 1828 Swimbridge DEV, migr. 1855 SA, d. 1908 Willaston

      + Mary LOCK, m. 1857 Gawler SA, d. 1864 Gawler age 28 ...

        ├── Ephraim Henry COOMBE, b. 1858 Gawler Sth ...

        ├── William COOMBE, b., d. 1860 Gawler Sth. NI.

        ├── Thomas COOMBE, b. 1861 Gawler Sth, d. 1935 Obituary ...

        └── Elizabeth Ann COOMBE, b., d. 1863 Gawler Sth. NI.

      + Elizabeth TALL, m. 1866 Adelaide SA, d. 1901 Willaston age 82, no issue?

├── Ephraim COOMBE, b. 21 Dec 1794 Landkey DEV, migr. 1838, d. 1871 Adelaide

  + Susannah ?, d. 1867 Adelaide age 72

    ├── migrant son, b.c. 1830 - do you know who this is?

    └── daughter, b.c. 1836, d.c. 1838

  + Eleanor Emily MORRELL, m. 1869 Adelaide SA, d. 1886 Adelaide age 77, NI

├── Elizabeth COOMBE, b. 14 Jan 1798 Landkey DEV

└── Ann COOMBE, b. 27 Sep 1801 Goodleigh DEV


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