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Coumbe in North Hill, Cornwall

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Mostly Coombe Migrants Lord Raglan, 1856


1856, 7 Feb, Adelaide, Lord Raglan: The assisted passenger list includes a family from Gwennap, Cornwall. They are likely to be related to another Coombe family migrating from Gwennap in 1865, but research has not yet confirmed this.


The family is listed below. The following abbreviations are used: ? = uncertain, NI = no issue, ... indicates known descendants, SA = South Australia, CON = Cornwall.


Edward COOMBE, b.c. 1823/4 Perran CON, miner

 + Harriet HOSKIN, b.c. 1817/8 Gwennap CON

├── Edwin COOMBE, b. 1851 Gwennap CON

├── Sarah COOMBE, b.c. 1853/4.

└── ? COOMBE.


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Updated: 29 Aug 2013